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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Green Festival 2010: Sunrise Catering

We made our annual trip to the Green Festival is Washington, D.C. yesterday and it was great!  We always learn something new, see lots of great people, and eat some good vegan food!  It's one meal that I look forward to all year long (well, that and Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, my birthday, everyone else's birthdays...alright, I just love to eat!).  My perennial favorite is the food cooked by Sunrise Catering out of D.C.  They do an amazing job making sure that they offer a lot of variety and they do not substitute quality for quantity.  They rock.  The whole menu is vegan and vegetarian.  Entrees include roti, BBQ "steak", "shrimp" and veggies, and more.  It's the sides that always get me.  They offer mac and "cheese", veggie rice, peas and rice, cabbage, greens (amazing, seasoned, and fresh), fried plantains, curried potatoes and chick peas, broccoli tempura, veggie rolls, and pumpkin.  The prices were vaer reasonable and the service was good.  So if you are in the D.C. metroplitan area and need a good vegan caterer, these guys will FILL YOU UP!  Their website is and their mantra is "Eat to live, don't live to eat - let your food be your medicine"!

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